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Rules for the 2021 NKSA Spring Classic

NKSA Spring Classic Rules

NOTE - The final interpretation of the following rules and regulations and also any matters not provided for in these rules will be the Tournament Directors, whose decision shall be final.

-All teams must be currently registered with their state, national, or provincial association. 
-Teams from outside OSYSA must submit a USYSA travel permit approved by their state association.
-Only approved players with player passes will be allowed to play
-All coaches must carry Concussion Training Certificate, Player cards and Medical release forms to all games.
-No specially formed all-star teams will be permitted. 

Maximum player roster size
-U9-U10 is 14 players
-U11-U12 is 16 players
-U13-U19 is 18 players 
No roster changes will be permitted after a team has checked in. 

The number of guest players allowed varies: 
-Up to 4 players may be added for U13-U19 teams. 
-Up to 3 players may be added for U9-U12 teams 

International Rules (FIFA/IUSSF) apply with the following exceptions: 

25 minute halves for 7v7 
30 minute halves for 9v9 and 11 v11 U13-U14
35 minute halves for 11v11 U15+
-The game clock will not be stopped because of injury to any player. Due to the time allowed for the completion of all games, the clock should run continuously. 

Substitutes must be at the midfield line 
Substitutions may be made with the consent of the referee as follows: 
-After a goal by either team 
-Before any goal kick 
-Before a throw-in in your favor,or if the team with the throw-in substitutes. 
-At the beginning of each period of play 
-After an injury, by either team, when the referee stops play 
-All cautioned players must be substituted 

-Any player or coach ejected from a game will also be ineligible to participate in the team's next game. 
-No substitution will be permitted for an ejected player. 
-If the ejection occurs during a team's last game, the player's or coach's card will be turned into the tournament director and sent to Ohio South office to be processed and sent to the offending team's State jurisdiction. 

-Each player must wear an official uniform of matching color (socks, shorts, jersey.)
-Each player should have a number on the back of the shirt.
-In the event of a color conflict, the home team as listed in the program will change.
The home team is the first team listed. 
-Shin guards are required and must be covered by a sock. 
-Home team shall provide an appropriate game ball
Referee's judgment will be the final decision if an issue arises due to uniform numbers or colors and equipment. 

-If a U11 or younger player engages in heading a soccer ball during the tournament the parents /guardians and the player accept the risk and/or peril of doing so.
-When a player deliberately strikes the ball with his/her head during the tournament, Referees and Assistant Referees of that game must consider the act to be Dangerous Play and handle the matter accordingly as an infraction of the laws of the games.
-An indirect free kick (IFK) is awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the infraction.  
-If the infraction is within the goal area, the IFK should be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the point nearest to where the infraction occurred.  
-If the ball makes contact with the player’s head and the player has not deliberately played or attempted to play the ball, the play should continue as no infraction has occurred.  
-A player shall not be cautioned nor sent-off for persistent infringement, as a result of a heading infraction
-A player shall not be cautioned nor sent-off for denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity as a result of a heading infraction.

Coaches must sign the scorecards at the end of each game. Signed scorecards will be turned in the Field Marshall and will then be deemed final. Scores will be posted as quickly as possible. Coaches should report any discrepancies between the posted score and actual score to headquarters prior to the next game. 

-A team must begin with the minimum number of players:
11v11 - Eight players 
9v9 - Six players 
7v7 - Five players 
The referee will start the clock at the scheduled kickoff time. 
After ten minutes, a forfeit will be declared if a team cannot field a team or fails to show. 
-Any team that fails to complete a match or leaves the field during play shall be scored as having forfeited that match. 
-No team that has forfeited a match will be declared a wild card or group winner.
-The team winning the forfeit will be awarded the average number of goals per match that they scored in their other preliminary matches, rounded DOWN.
-The opponent's score shall be zero. This score shall be the official score.
The Tournament Officials reserve the right to decide all other matters concerning a forfeit. 

Each team will be awarded 3 points for a win, I point for a tie, and no points for a loss. Where there is advancement, the winner of each division will advance to the finals. In the event of ties in the standings, the following procedure will determine the division winner: 
-Head to Head Competition. In the event that there is a three way tie, head to head competition is thrown out.
-Highest number of total goals-net(goal Differential) 4 max per game.
-Fewest goals allowed (gross)
-Penalty kicks (FIFA Laws of the game)

-Two 5 minute periods played to their conclusion (No Sudden Death). 
-Penalty Kicks (FIFA Laws of the game)

Penalty Kick Procedures
In the event that penalty kicks must be used to determine a winner in the Championship Round, ALL members of the team (except those that have been ejected) are eligible to take a kick. Each team will rank all of their eligible players in the order they are to take kicks. This “kicking order” will be handed to the referee. 
The format will be as follows: 
a. The first team to kick will be determined by referee's coin flip. The referee will decide which goal to use, 
b. The first five players will take penalty kicks in the order ranked in the kicking order. Teams will alternate kicks. 
c. If the score remains tied after the set of five(5) kicks, teams will alternate kicks one at a time until a winner is determined. 
d. Goal Keepers may be changed after any shot

No protests will be allowed.

In the event, that games are stopped because of thunder or lightning: 
-if the first half is completed, the game is over. 
-If the first half is not completed, the tournament director will determine how much time (if any) will remain in the match.

If Inclement Weather is present or pending, the tournament committee shall have the authority to make the following changes: 
-Shorten the duration of the games. 
-Suspend, temporarily or permanently, any game in progress. Suspended games may or may not be concluded to the originally planned end. 
-Cancel or reschedule any or all games. 
-If a match is suspended each team must check with Headquarters for further instructions. 
The length of all subsequent matches will be adjusted accordingly.

- Be respectful of referees, opposing players, coaches and spectators
-There shall be NO DISSENT between player and/or coaches and the referee.
Questioning a referee's call is considered dissent.
- All coaches will remain within 20 yards of the center line on their own half of the field. 
-Spectators should remain on opposite side of team benches and in designated areas only, no one permitted behind the goals.
- Spectators may be ejected from the park for improper conduct at the discretion of the tournament officials. 

-Coaches coaching multiple teams must have enough coverage for game schedule conflicts. Tournament will try to schedule around coaches schedule but is not guaranteed. 
-Neither Northern Kentucky Soccer Academy or the Tournament will be responsible for loss of funds due to the cancellation of all, or any part, of this Tournament. 


NKSA Spring Classic
Wil Cagle - Tournament Director
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